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noun:  "life"

Zoë is a new regenerative eco-hood development near Austin, TX.


Zoë is a regenerative eco-development connected to nature in the Hill Country just outside of Austin, Texas. A holistic ecological neighborhood with spaces for living, co-working, community, and organic food production all in one beautiful, heartfully stewarded location.

The destination hosts events bringing together the sharpest minds and brightest hearts of our time to imagine and co-create a more harmonious world. Zoë's innovative homes, unique design and planning, green infrastructure, self-sustaining resource systems, and commitment to environmental best practices serve as a thriving, living, and adapting prototype for a model eco-hood of the future.

2024 UPDATE: After issues with local government permitting,

Zoë' has sold its 104-acre stunning property and is looking for a new home. 


Find Your Forever Home

All our homes will be constructed with renewable and non-toxic materials, incorporate solar panels, water catchment tanks, and advanced wastewater treatment systems. Featuring biophilic inspirations and reminiscient of charming Mediterranean villas, the Modern Farmhouse designs will offer all the latest comforts combined with health, beauty, and elegance. 



"Regenerative" - aims to regenerate the health, vitality, and evolutionary capacity of whole living systems.


"The goal of regenerative design is to develop restorative systems that are dynamic and emergent, and are beneficial for humans and other species. This regeneration process is participatory, iterative and individual to the community and environment."

Amenities @ Zoë

*Gorgeous Hill Country Views

*100+ Preserved Acres

*Stunning Landscape

*Nature Trails

*Healthy Café

*Coworking Hub

*Organic Fruit Orchards

*Organic Vegetable Farm

*Natural Swimming Pond

*Functional Fitness Gym

*Geodesic Events Dome

*Gorgeous Rentals for Visitors

*Bodywork Rooms

*Neurotech Mindful Spa

*Kids' Nature Programs

*Natural Playground

*Basketball Court

*Earthen Pizza Oven

*Outdoor Kitchen & Gazebo

*Natural Art by Local Artists

*Live Music/Theater Stage

*Outdoor Movie Screen

*Relaxing Corners

*Magical Nooks

*Special Events

*Picnic Tables

*Fire Pit

*Meditation Labyrinth

*Giant Wind Chime Garden

*Car Sharing Program

*Flower Garden

*Grassy Meadow

*Bee Hives

*Butterfly Care

*Annual Tree Planting

*Soil Regeneration


*Management Run with Holacracy

*Designed for Natural Emergence of Friendship & Community

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A one-of-a-kind destination for workshops, retreats, conferences, and trainings to support and connect world change-makers.

A site for research, innovation, and showcase of regenerative systems. Planting the seeds of wisdom for a thriving future for all life. 

A hub to bring together passionate creatives to work on life callings, collaborate, and inspire. Filled with nature and light.

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